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richardI started OzHemp.Rocks when I realised that everything I knew about cannabis was wrong. This amazing plant is a gift that has been banned since the 1930s for a simple reason:

Big business cannot make enough money out of.

By forcing us to use petrochemical products and synthetic, patented pharmaceuticals MegaCorp has made themselves rich at our expense. When I say at our expense it is not just a financial issue, our bodies have been assaulted with noxious synthetic chemicals designed to replicate the effects of this safe, natural plant.

Yet in Colorado hemp/cannabis sales in 2016 will pass USD$1 billion, making a massive contribution to their economy (about a quarter of Australia's). We could have a $5 billion+ industry employing tens of thousands here in Australia, with a strong export market in just a few years. Yet our politicians are fighting a dogged rearguard action to prevent widespread use of medical and industrial cannabis to protect their political donations. 

We hope to bring together consumers, growers, investors, equipment manufacturers and anyone simply interested in Hemp right here. By doing this we will help to grow the industry just as fast as possible by providing information , support and if necessary - lobbying.

This site is free to use and always will be. We will monetise it by selling advertising for related products and events when traffic allows. Our facilties here at Coast Studio also include a video studio so that may come into play later. If that interests you we are on the NSW Central Coast give us a call on 0404232330.

So I welcome your feedback using our contact form, any requests for inclusion & de-inclusion can go there as well.




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  Coast Studio, East Gosford, NSW